Champagne Carbon



Champagne Carbon is the brainchild of Alexandre Mea, a fifth generation champagne producer family from the village of Champillon. Steeped in the lore of viniculture, Alexandre’s family has been involved in winemaking since the 19th century. In 1920 the family, one of the largest landowners in the region, began producing its own high-quality champagnes. Since then, using traditional skills handed down from generation to generation, the family has developed an enviable reputation as a producer of champagne. Inspired by his grandfather’s drive to build his family business into a world-renowned producer of Champagne, Alexandre founded Champagne Carbon in 2011 as both the ultimate expression of tradition and innovation.

Tradition in the shape of time-honoured methods used in the production of champagne from the family vineyards and innovation in the shape of the remarkable carbon-clothed bottles that pay homage to Alexandre’s passion for technology and in particular Formula 1. Fifty years after US racer Dan Gurney first sprayed champagne on a racing podium at Le Mans, the Formula 1 podium ceremony is set to power into the future with the announcement that F1 is to partner with avant-garde Champagne producer Carbon.

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