Domaine Jean-Marc Pillot

 Jean-Marc Pillot has recently assumed responsibility for the management of this domaine although his father, Jean, remains by his side rendering advice and valuable assistance in the vineyards. Jean-Marc has instituted several changes at the estate, the construction of a new cave. The subtle, but important, modifications in vinification and elevage now in place under Jean-Marc's direction have driven this domaine to the very top of its class with wines that are intensely fruity, graceful, and precise. The 10 hectares domaine is dominated by its production of white wines but there are important cuvees of red wine produced here as well. The breadth of real estate enables the Pillot family to produce a stunning range of wines that put on brilliant display the intricacies of terroir in this southern tier of the Cote de Beaune. The vines in most parcels are between 25 and 50 years old.

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