Romano Dal Forno - New Arrival – Sweet

Romano Dal Forno is regarded as “King of Valpolicella” nowadays. Romano Dal Forno was born in 1957 in the village of Capovilla, a couple of kilometers away from Illasi, in a family which had been engaged in wine production. At the age of 22 Romano was lucky to meet the Great Master of Amarone, Giuseppe Quintarelli. That acquaintance became a revelation for him and pushed him towards choosing a right target. In 1990 a new winery was built, it uses modern technologies while maintaining the traditions of these famous wines. Instead of Slavonian-oak casks, habitual for local winemakers which were used from year to year for aging Amarone, Dal Forno started to use 225-litre barrels made of new French oak (barriques). And naturally, wine of a new crop was aged in new barriques; also the wine would not show up for sale before a long period of up to 5 years. Later some experiments were made with a partial aging in barriques (up to 2 years) and then another 4 years in bottles. The great richness of Dal Forno's wines is derived from the extremely low yields of this artisan's 12.5-hectare estate outside the Classico zone. His dense, creamy Valpolicella is among the best of the Veneto, and his 'Nettare' is part of the comeback of garganega, the grape behind Soave that we find here formally dressed as a white passito dessert wine.

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