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Le Nez du Vin New Oak 12 (English)

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Le Nez du Vin contains a collection of aromas to smell accompanied by a book to allow you to make rapid progress in wine-tasting.

The New Oak kit contains:

- 12 of the most representative Š—“oakedŠ—� aromas of wine:
1 oak, 2 green wood, 3 coconut, 4 clove, 5 vanilla pod, 6 woody-spicy, 7 new leather, 8 pharmaceutical notes, 9 toast, 10 burnt sugar, 11 liquorice, 12 smoky note.
Some of these scents are naturally present in oakwood, while others are generated during the various stages of barrel production.

- This magnificent book unveils this secret.

Essential companion to the 54 aroma edition. Indispensable tool for professionals (enologists, sommeliers, wine growers) and amateurs who want to Š—“take it to the next levelŠ—�.

Carmine clothbound book box, size 172 x 247 x 35 mm, weight 750 g.
Handmade in France. Our aromas are guaranteed 5 years. They can last 10 years if kept in good conditions.