Château La Fleur Morange


A wine which has a Heart…

It is the alliance of the ground and the love. The alliance of a cabinetmaker of Saint-Emilion marrying a girl of wine growers who grew at the end of the rows of vines. That of a trade learned with the reading from Emile Peynaud to become the craftsman of a picturesque adventure which starts in 1999 in a garage with a first vintage of 900 bottles.

After one decade of search for perfection, care of each moment and unconditional love, Veronique and Jean-François Julien, the owners of the Castle the Fleur Morange made a success of the extraordinary exploit into 2012 to insert this light local wine of garage in the court of the Great Classified Vintages Saint-Emilion. A beautiful reward…

A small Castle become Great Classified Vintage

From now on, the castle the Fleur Morange appears among the Great Classified Vintages of St. Emilion. The Julien husbands knew to work with force of entêtement and creativity this wine single whose characteristic first is learnedly to preserve all the mineral typicity of its soil. Its strong minerality, its réglissé side due to its Honest Cabernet, and its merlots centenaires gives birth to a powerful wine of which the length, balance, the constant emotion with the palate and the full medium of mouth characterize it among largest.

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