Roberto Voerzio


Roberto Voerzio Winery was established in 1986 in La Morra in Piemonte that has always been renowned for the greatness of its vineyards, include prestigious historic crus for the production of Barolo. They increase the number of vines, pruned heavily leaving only the fuller, very healthy, ripe grapes rich in sugar, aromas and scents t, reduce yield to make most prestigious quality wine. The wines organic, no use of chemical fertilizers, weed killers, fungicides. They have always worked in the traditional way in the cellar, with total simplicity at every stage from vinification to bottling, with no interference, letting the diversity of each terroir emerge and giving each vineyard the chance to make its own wine. Production is very limited with just over 20 hectares to produce between 40,000 to 60,000 bottles.

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