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Chateau LAGUIOLE Corkscrew Classical Serie - Cade Wood

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Chateau LAGUIOLE - Classical Serie

For 20 years, while Guy VIALIS has been sommelier in French fine restaurants, notably in one of the best one in the world, Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris, he was already thinking about creating a real, strong, efficient, luxurious sommelier knife as he was too disappointed with the existing very poor quality corkscrews.

For him “good wines deserved nice ceremonial with the right professional tools”. With the help of a long time and expert friend, he tweaked all the details until he found the right adjustments to create the perfect tool he always dreamed about Château LAGUIOLE sommelier knife was born: the Classic Chateau LAGUIOLE was the first high end corkscrew to be launched in the word in 1993. Since it debuted (with only one model with 80 000 units sold the first year) this famed wine opener has been the favorite by most of the best sommeliers of the world and, at this day is the most sold (and imitated) of all high end waiter style Laguiole corkscrews.


Packaging: Each Chateau LAGUIOLE comes in a luxurious carton box including a leather holder and a member card. Member card QR code on the back of the member card is printed a unique QR code to be registered online. It is the only way to guaranty the authenticity of the Chateau LAGUIOLE and start the Lifetime Warranty