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Chateau LAGUIOLE Corkscrew World Best Sommelier Serie - Eric Beaumard / Carbon

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Chateau LAGUIOLE - World Best Sommelier Serie

Chateau LAGUIOLE is the official partner of Association de la Somellerie Internationale for the Best Sommelier of the World competition, Chateau LAGUIOLE creates for each newly elected Best Sommelier of the World, side by side, his / her personalized Sommelier corkscrew. It symbolizes who the winner really is through choices of the handle materials, shapes or symbols added on purpose and bears his signature.


Packaging: Each Chateau LAGUIOLE comes in a luxurious carton box including a leather holder and a member card. Member card QR code on the back of the member card is printed a unique QR code to be registered online. It is the only way to guaranty the authenticity of the Chateau LAGUIOLE and start the Lifetime Warranty