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Francois Gaunoux Meursault Clos de Tavaux 2012 (Monopole)

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  • 4/2/2020 - MRBUZZ LIKES THIS WINE:92 Points

    Third bottle...a true joy! Lots of chalky limestones, mineral salinity, fresh citrus squeeze. There’s an intriguing tropical brightness in this wine that’s unique to the Meursault’s that I’ve had.

  • 8/29/2018 - MRBUZZ LIKES THIS WINE:90 Points

    First time with this producer...Francois is father to Jean-Michel Gaunoux, who's wines seem to be more mainstream and runs the centuries-old Estate with daughter Claudine. While I was looking for info on these wines, I noticed there isn't much, and came across an interesting note that Francois doesn't let critics into the cellar to taste their wines, and doesn't give barrel samples...and pretty much doesn't really want just anyone to buy his wines. "No soup for you" vigneron. Not in it for profit, just to stay true to their roots. Hmmm...know wonder Jean-Michel went out on his own? On to the bottle...
    Hmmm...this is different? Very fresh and clean...more like a grenache blanc or a non ox Jura? Somewhat sweet peach tea, waxy banana skin, yellow apples...ripe and almost oily orchard's really nice fruit? Zero match strike reduction(which I LOVE in my white burgs)...not much minerality...maybe some chalk dust...blanched almonds...lees...enough lemon/orange citrus acidity to keep this from being cloying. Really soft and waxy...kind of Raveneaux-esk. At first I'm kind of repulsed, as this says NOTHING of Meursault...but it gains on it warms there IS some limestone minerality...some saline crushed stone...pretty floral perfume...kind of reminds me when I first had a 05 Arnaud Ente Referts? Too clean and stripped, yet it gained. A Monopole village wine...intriguing, and I really don't know how to think on this one? I need another sample of maybe a cru to really gauge this producer? For now, this could go either way.