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Quintarelli Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2012

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Italy, Veneto, Negrar

Grapes: 55% Corvina and Corvinone, 30% Rondinella, 15%Cabernet, Nebbiolo, Croatina and Sangiovese.

Color: deep pomegranate red

Fragrance: intense aromas, delicate perfume of bitter almonds with undertones of cherry

Taste: potent, complex, well balanced, persistent, spicy aspects

The grapes are carefully selected at the time of harvest and are brought into a conservation room and immediately put into wooden boxes and settled on rush matting. It is essential that the grapes are positioned correctly so that the passerillage raisining can take place in a complete and natural way. The first sign of “noble rot” appears at the end of November – beginning of December and develops mostly in the month of January. At the end of January pressing begins and after about 20 days of maceration, the alcoholic fermentation begins through indigenous yeasts. Fermentation follows and lasts for 45 days. Afterwards is the racking of the future Amarone as it is put into medium - small Slavonian oak barrels, where it matures for seven years. During this period, more alcoholic fermentations take place which yields a dry wine of extraordinary structure and complexity.